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PTFE filter vents for venting technologies across industries.

Supplier of adhesive PTFE filter vents that provide a clean air environment across a wide range of industries.

Our simple hydrophobic vents ensure particle free venting to microbiological standards and are remarkably simple to use. You simply peel and stick the venting disc where required. High tech bonded polymers produce a high level of contamination control in a remarkably simple way through an Adhesive Microfiltration Disc.The AMD is fully autoclavable for aseptic technologies and use.

Products are available to customers worldwide by mail order in small or large volumes according to your needs. Purchase direct from us. Our venting discs are exclusive to us and made to our specifications.

Over the last 20 years we have developed a high level of knowledge and expertise in PTFE venting technologies.

We have used multilayered PTFE venting for over two decades in our own commercial plant laboratory. However our ideas have been copied since the early 1990's by a number of international laboratories and companies. We were indeed the first and original in the market place for aseptic venting with multilayered PTFE adhesive discs. We know what works because we have many years of experience in our own laboratory and through our collaboration with other companies, customers and research institutes worldwide.

Let us know your requirements from engineering, to development to production. From researcher, scientist, or inventor, to the hobbyist or enthusiast, we will probably have an idea to solve your venting needs. All venting details and R&D are held in business confidence.

Our Adhesive Microfiltration Discs can be used in the following applications and industries.

Aseptic venting for plant cultures, Micropropagation, Plant cloning. Plant tissue culture Biotechnology,

Carbon Dioxide enrichment systems.

Pharmaceutical secondary metabolites.

Shipping of aseptic plant cultures worldwide without contamination.

Mycorrhizal and forestry research,

Engineering. Enclosures where temperature and expanding air can cause problems. High strength filter vents.

Gas monitoring, sensors, gas flow, Protecting electronics in humid environments. Oil and Gas industries.

Pressure equalisation and venting lighting systems, LED control housings.

Headlight technology, car rear light clusters, venting engineering, motor housings.

Computer and electronic protection, Keyboards, microelectronics, consoles and mobile devices.

Protecting equipment form humidity and air exchanges Particle pollen and dust elimination.

Liquid cap breathing technology. Cap closures, Expanding liquids in warm environments. Water industries. Breathable seals and venting.

Specialist engineering equipment involved in air flow technologies and monitoring. Scientific goods and fabricators.

Breathable containers, bags and enclosures.

Medical venting, bacterial cultures, hospital and research labs.

Packaging venting. Bag venting, aseptic containers. Ethylene Oxide (EtO) sterilization

We are always happy to discuss your needs and requirement and we will try to help solve your venting problems if we can.

Our PTFE filter vents will be a way to provide particle free air and protection with simple adhesive microfiltration dics.


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