ptfe filter vents for venting technologies










Customer Experience

Leading International Biotechnology Company decided to bulk up their germ lines with shake technology flasks. Venting through use of our AMD provided excellent air flow and high levels of hydrophobicity preventing media loss.

World leader in Marine Technologies and Aqua farming incorporated our filters into their growth chambers to increase yields

Major European Seed Company created trial equipment and experiments for germination evaluation

European Seed Company used our AMD venting systems for germ plasm storage avoiding problems of dehydration at base level temperature storage. Was able to keep seed line starter cultures for many years in storage

North American Forestry Company used our aseptic venting systems for improving their forestry elite tree lines.

Chemical research team with Global Agrichemical Business uses our AMD in their production labs.














Biotechnology and Biotech industries

Clean air filtration for aseptic technologies are easily achieved by using our PTFE filter vents.

Application to a range of culture vessels or chambers is easy to implement. Our filter vents have been developed to provide robust filtering and contamination control.

Many biotech systems are developed from R&D projects. We are happy to work with our customers to find a solution and solve a problem.

Hyperhydricity or 'vitrification' can be a problems in culture systems. Improvements in gaseous air exchanges by the application of our AMD can sometimes solve this problem.

Our discs have been specifically designed to achieve good high air flow without the usual dehydrations and media drying out often associated with non hydrophobic venting systems.

High levels of air exchange can increase yield in a number of crops at cell level, plant level and also in other culture systems.

Venting properties remain stable across a range of temperatures allowing usage in low temperature and high temperature systems.

Easily adaptable to gas infusions and controlled atmospheres.

The hydrophobic nature of the special PTFE used in our discs means they can be used in shake and splash systems. Liquid media coming into contact with the filter vent, does not risk contamination of cultures.

It is always recommended that our AMD are still primarily used as vents in a gaseous environment rather than filters within a solution as there will be some passage of liquids if they media is under pressure.

Our adhesives and selected grade of hydrophobic PTFE is suitable for use in fresh water or in the marine environment.

The the high levels of hydrophobicity of our PTFE means it will rapidly dry out when in contact with water molecules allowing better air flow through the microfibrils.

Moving air currents rapidly remove any surface vapor condensation at a submicron level allowing quicker air filtration to be established according to the system vented.

An increasing number of bio-technology companies are starting to use our venting stystems which are strong and reliable and provide a proven method to remove contamination risks from production.