ptfe filter vents for venting technologies












Customer Experience


Supplier to world leading research department on Carbon Dioxide Enrichment of plant cultures. Professor Kozai at Chiba University, Japan. used our AMD in designing experiments on sugar free culture systems and Photo Autotrophic Micropropagation.

Forestry research laboratories improve gas exchange environments for rooting plants by harnessing mycorrhizal and root interactions. Development a range of breathable rooting boxes and chambers.





















Other uses for PTFE venting


Carbon Dioxide enrichment systems for recycling waste carbon and making use of this source of energy achieved by a robust venting system that allowed good particle free air exchange.

Success in this field would overcome conventional culture system problems often associated with using sugar rich media and low light levels. Rapid growth rates are achievable with high survival rates of plants produced by these systems. Considerable unit cost savings can also be achieved.

A series of boxes have been developed to allow air exchanges to be recorded for work on forestry trees. By monitoring the products of roots air exchange improvements can be made in soil structure and optimization of the root interfaces with mycorrhizal interactions. Leading to better understanding of the rooting process for agroforestry.

Cap and closure technologies for liquids can be developed for the storage and shipping of gas expandable liquids. PTFE discs will not leak liquids so it makes them easily adaptable to making breathable caps for containers.

Engineering protection of micro-electronics where a dust free environment is required.

Protection of lighting equipment where excess heat build up is associated with transformers and LED systems. Development of heat management systems associated with this lighting.

Removal of humidity within the human breath for products in which electronics and micro circuitry is combined with talking devices.

Equilibrium of pressure systems in instrument control gear in products that are subject to altitude changes such as aviation and exploration.