ptfe filter vents for venting technologies













Customer purchasing.

As as small company or TQPL are are very well placed to respond individually to requirements.

PTFE venting is a relatively new technology and it is good to have a company with so many years experience. They use the products they sell in their own laboratories so know what works and does not work.

TQPL used to post information and help on a range of technical websites and forums over the years.

They offer a range of expertise across industries from biotechnology to high-tech engineering and manufacture.

When setting up a new R&D project we just wanted to see if the AMD vents worked for us. We were able to set up a small trial by buying a small volume of discs before scaling up. Most International PTFE supplies require minimum order in tens of thousands of discs!

Sending an e-mail is a great way to get a response and solve a problem



































Purchase of goods.

We can usually supply our PTFE discs immediately payment has been made.

The best method it to contact us with your requirements and we can supply you with the paperwork or links for payment.

We do not take credit card payment details over the phone, but will will happily send you a link via e-mail to the secure server Pay Pal where you can pay directly. You do not need an account to pay by Pay Pal.

For small quick orders this is the best and cheapest way for customers as no bank charges are involved.

Payment for large orders from companies, reseach institutes or foundations can be made by bank transfer using BACS. Overseas payment can be made by IBAN, or Swift.

Payment is to the business account TQPL and not Ptfefiltervents.

We also accept payment by cheque made out to TQPL.

Payment is usually required before dispatch.

We are always happy to discuss our products on the phone or by e-mail. Technical information is perhaps best put into an e-mail.

Prices of products.

We do not publish prices of our product on the www We prefer to give you a price quotation per enquiry. Our prices are competitive and we will be happy to quote according to needs.

We do not usually offer free samples but prefer to allow out technical information and website answer all your questions.

We offer packs of discs based on x100 AMD units minimum with our standard packs of x1000 AMD discs.

We can supply large volumes of discs if required.

Technical information sheets are send out with orders accordingly. These are directed to either engineering or aseptic usage. Please indicate your areas of interest when placing your order.

Contact Us


TQPL, Brookside, Southern Lane, New Milton, Hampshire, BH25 7JE, United Kingdom.


01425 616 608

(International +44 1425 616608)


Alan Winthrop.


please see the e-mail graphic below and use that to contact us

If you do contact us with an enquiry, please let us know where you are from.

We receive mail form all over the www. Your location and country is of great assistance in our reply and helps us best answer your questions.